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We Support the Importance of Training in Employee and Leadership Development in Your Workplace

Advisory Board Members

  -  Dr. Charmaine Beckford

   - Ché Beckford

  -  Dr. Julieo Thompson

   - Sal Richardson, Esq.

   - Paul Lynn

   - Nicole Burrell

Team Members

Talent Management & Human Resources Management
□ Understanding succession Planning
□ Strategic Business Planning
□ Understanding Your Business Hierarchy of Needs
□ Business Ethics
□ Team Building
□ Developing People
□ Developing/Managing Millennia
□ Shaping an Inclusive Workforce (Diversity)

Skill Development & Career Advancement
□ Business Ready “Dress to Impress”
□ Resume
□ Business Communication Skills
□ Time and Personal Goals Management

Workplace Safety

□ Safety First
□ How to Conduct a Risk Assessment
□ Ergonomics Evaluation
□ Meeting OSHA Demands

The ROI of Talent Management vs. Human Resources (HR)

Although Talent Management is a reflection of HR it is not HR. Many companies err in this. Therefore, people management is ill suited within the company.  Derailment occurs and company goals become affected negatively. Talent management directs hiring toward finding the best fit for roles and company interests now, and in the future. HR, on the other hand, focuses on finding people as a  resource.

Talent management focuses on the sustainability of the company. Its strategic, long term planning'

HR is very focused on Administration - day-to-day management: hiring, training, retention.

The ROI for your company depends on YOUR business type. We can help you determine your focus, select the right software, and create the right synergy for success.

Skill Development

Your company's bottom line is dependent on those skills your employees embody. We are positioned to help you identify skill gaps, and to develop and hone these skills in your employees.

Because all organizations exist in the international market place, because of the Internet, it is important that employers partner with us to upgrade their employees' skills to both domestic and international standards. 

It is important for your employees' style of wear and speech to communication appropriateness of the business setting. We can guide your employees in understanding the right business attire to wear in  professional settings, and any given situation.

Workplace Safety and Health is Important to your ROI
Leverage key safety initiatives to build a comprehensive and effective safety program. Train employees to invest into their own safety, incorporate workplace safety into their daily routines and reduce risk for workplace injury and illnesses.

What do your policies and procedures to ensure the safety and health of employees within your workforce look like?

Do you know how to identify hazards within the workplace? What are they?

How familiar are you with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations? Did you know OSHA encourages employees to call them if they perceive poor working conditions?

Did you know that ergonomics is an important tool against musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace and helps to reduce injury costs?

Your ROI suffers if safety is not a priority.

       Transforming Your Business Operations.

We cater to all Generations                   

Silent Generation - born before 1945       

Boomers (78.8 mil) - born 1946-1964

Gen X (65 mil) - born 1965-1980   

Gen Y/Millennials (84.1 mil) - born 1981-2000 

Gen Z/Alpha (84.7 mil) - born 2001-Present