CareerEducators4You, LLC is an inspired hope born out of a growing need for exemplary professional associates in the business world. Investing in the training and development of your associates is not only wise but prudent! It may mean the difference between opening your doors daily or closing forever!

As specialists in Human Behavior, we can assist you in ensuring your associates understand, and can adapt to the changes taking place in the business world today, and that they have the tools they need to perform as professionals. Although our strategists have their own unique style, we are all equipped to support your employment needs based on experience and formal training.

We cater to all Generations. These are

  • Silent Generation - born before 1945
  • Boomers (78.8 mil) - born 1946-1964
  • Gen X (65 mil) - born 1965-1980
  • Gen Y/Millennials (84.1 mil) - born 1981-2000
  • Gen Z/Alpha (84.7 mil) - born 2001-Present

For individuals who are re-entering the workforce, or seeking career advancement, we offer Business Coaching that helps you further your career by establishing professional goals, making career decisions, and developing a career trajectory. Unlike traditional coaching services, CareerEducators4You, LLC offers a customized and transformation program. Our training provides a combination of extraordinary convenience, affordable prices, and comprehensive one-on-one meetings with your coach and educational (and fun) experiences on your own time.


Dr. Charmaine Beckford,Founder