Business Consultants

Strategic Partners' prices for services will not vary. You can contact the partners directly, as well as view their webpages for details. They  provide a variety of career development services based on their levels of education, years of experience, and types of credentials/training.

Strategic Partners can help you to:

1. Learn more about yourself through use of our Career Decisional Balance Exercise/Scale
2. Learn about decision-making and career planning including Emotional Intelligence (EI)

3. Learn how to conduct an effect job search-create and maintain a professional image, put together a career portfolio, interview, etc. 
4. Learn how to assess your best job options,using Career Decisional Balance Exercise and other career assessments tools

5. Learn to develop job search skills, such as writing effective résumés, distinguish culturally sensitive employers, and negotiate salary and              acquire knowledge of benefit packages
6. Learn work-life balance
7. Learn to navigate job stress, resolve personal conflicts with bosses and co-workers

8. Learn how to manage career transitions and other difficult employment issues

9. Learn to manage work functions and or self-employment


The ultimate goal of the Training is to  identify and nurture future generations of  Leaders by defining and strengthening their leadership skills. Cost is minimal - $35.00. Late registration fee $50.00. Please sign up today, to secure your seat.

 Leadership Training Seminars

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Skill Development and Career Advancement

Let us help you in your search for professional advice on your career choices, our Strategic Partners can assist you in discovering your career passion, to learn how to market yourself to potential employers, resolve workplace conflicts and develop a career/executive career plan.